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ТЕМА: Motorcycle Course-Real World Excercise?

Motorcycle Course-Real World Excercise? 1 год 4 мес. назад #768

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Finished the 1st day today, and embarrassing as it was, I was the 1st and only one to lay down down a bike. IMO, I was going a bit harder/faster than the others during course riding.

The excercise: it was a circular slolem course. One side had the cones (3x3 square and maybe 2 inches tall) 10ft distance apart of the next one and about 3ft wide lane. The other side, 20ft distance and about 10ft wide lane.

What we were supposed to do on the widest area: gain a bit of speed out of cornering, let off the throttle, look toward the next cone and lean the bike around the next one.

What I did: gained a bit of speed, looked forward at the cone, realized I was about to miss one, slightly braked, turned the wheel, the bike pretty much came to a complete stop and fell over. Me being 6' 4" just stepped away as the bike fell. Not injured.

I thought about it afterwards and it seemed like that was one of those school lessons. Where you think wth is this? I'm never going to be doing this in the real world.

I know what I did wrong, at least I think I do, and the instructors concurred. I should never had tried to break and turn the bars so tight at the same time.

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